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You’ll be given a username and password when you join so you can access this e Learning Community. The resources there help you maintain and improve your job performance in your administrative role and manage your career in your chosen administrative profession and cover these topics targeted toward administrative assistants and executive assistants: You will find many downloadable publications there on those topics as well as articles and tips—including many tips from your own administrative professional colleagues too.VAAP is an online resource produced by Karen Porter, owner of The Effective Admin (TEA) brand of continuous learning resources for administrative professionals that first provided assistance and tools to administrative assistants and executive assistants in 2004.The Jews in Bari were also victims of the campaign to convert Jews to Christianity initiated by Charles of Anjou in 1290; in 1294, 72 families were forced to adopt Christianity, but continued to live in Bari as neofiti (see *Crypto Jews ).There followed a century and a half of tranquility until the Jewish quarter was again attacked in 1463.…with this educational and professional development resource for administrative assistants and executive assistants. √ …better manage your career as an administrative professional?How much better could you be in your administrative professional role if you had instant and ongoing access every day to practical advice, news, ideas and tips specifically relevant to your administrative job and career that you could put to use starting today? √ …implement new strategies and processes to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of both you and those you support?The role of the administrative professional is constantly changing, sometimes fast, and you need to build and maintain a wide variety of practical skills and knowledge that you can apply in your workplace and career now.VAAP learning materials can be an addition to your current personal administrative professional reference library or supplement any administrative professional training you’re currently participating in. All of the VAAP educational resources are electronic and either downloadable or viewable online at the VAAP Private Member Web Site.

They were included in the edicts of forced conversion issued by the Byzantine emperors in the ninth and tenth centuries (see *anusim ).In about 932, the Jewish quarter was destroyed by mob violence and several Jews were killed.Between 10 the Jews in Bari suffered from the rival claims of the king and the archbishop on taxes levied on the Jews in the city.As a job performance and career success coach and advisor to administrative assistants and executive assistants globally for 10 years, Porter’s specialty is serving administrative professionals like you with job performance and career management advice.As a member of VAAP, you will get a current subscription to (8 pages/PDF format/6 issues per year).

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