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In March 1995 this website was born; the following November I closed down the BBS for good.Over the next eighteen years Access to Insight steadily grew from a modest collection of two or three suttas and a handful of articles into an extensively indexed and cross-referenced library of more than one thousand suttas and several hundred articles and books.Some biases, however, inevitably intrude, owing to the editorial choices I've made and to the summaries and short introductory essays that I've written here and there to give some context to the material being presented.I sincerely hope that my biases do not in any way obscure the real meaning of the texts themselves.Access to Insight is not an organization and is not affiliated with any institution. Although I have studied the Buddha's teachings for many years as a dedicated lay follower, I have no academic degrees in either the Pali language or Buddhist Studies.In these pages I have therefore relied on the translations and interpretations of other respected scholars, teachers, and practitioners who have far more experience and wisdom than do I.If you have a question, please first check to see if it is already answered in the , the file, or the .

By the end of 1993 it joined Dharma Net, Barry Kapke's California-based Buddhist BBS network (node 3/1).If you have any questions about copyright that aren't covered in this document, please direct them of the article in question.If, after reading the above, you still have a pressing need to contact me, you can reach me by email at editor [AT] accesstoinsight [DOT] org or visit for additional contact information.By the end of 2013 this growth subsided and it settled into "retirement" as a static website.To explore ATI's history in obsessive detail, see the .

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