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Anna was born in Cheltenham and brought up in London.

To quote her “I have been travelling up and down the A40 all my life visiting grandparents as a child/young adult and now visiting relatives in the south-east”.

Jon was formerly a General Manager of Eagle Star, and he joined the Chamber in 2003 initially to expand his business contacts, but then began to contribute his own expertise to help other Cheltenham based businesses grow and prosper.

He has held a number of roles within the Chamber including President, Membership Executive and now Deputy Chief Executive.

Visitor attractions like the festivals complimented by its architecture, parks and gardens ensure a thriving local economy.

I particularly enjoy attending Science and Music festivals with occasional visits to the Playhouse and Everyman theatres.

She organises parties and speed-dating events, along with personal one-to-one introductions, and as a result she is adept at bringing people together.

When he retired in March 2010, Jon hoped that his life would perhaps become a little more leisurely.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Jon has yet to find time to put his feet up as his enthusiasm in working on behalf of the Chamber often takes over.

He also has many years involvement in the broadcast television industry and has an unusual mixture of technical ability and creativity, including being a musician.

"I believe Cheltenham has an ambience unlike any other town in the UK.

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She has worked in London, Cheltenham and the Middle-East – Muscat, Oman.

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