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This is because ‘too many children will be made to feel inadequate if they don’t win at something and may feel excluded if they are not naturally sporty’, the research found.Families Online polled almost 300 parents with children aged four to 11.In June 2014, Ofsted’s former chief inspector of schools, Sir Michael Wilshaw, warned that state sector headteachers should stop treating competitive sport as an ‘optional extra’.He argued in a report, commissioned after the 2012 Olympics, that too many top athletes were from private schools.There was also a concern that children who weren’t naturally good at sports would be singled out for losing.A further 18 per cent said sports days shouldn’t be about individual competition.

Within regions, support for enshrining sharia as official law is particularly high in some countries with predominantly Muslim populations, such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

Realizuje ho společnost Happy Company ve výhradní spolupráci s Mc ROY.

Pouze šťastní zaměstnanci mají dlouhodobě vysokou výkonnost, vytvářejí dobrou atmosféru a dělají zákazníky spokojenými a loajálními.

Seventy-six per cent did not approve of ‘non-competitive’ events, with parents believing that ‘healthy competition helped children individually to strive to improve and challenge themselves’.

Fifty-three per cent said they were ‘comfortable’ with their child losing, believing that it wasn’t ‘a bad thing’ because it helps build resilience and confidence.

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