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It may not be correct and perhaps Rikle deserves the same attention but as a writer, I feel more confident when I write about things I strongly believe in or empathize with.

Perhaps it is my inability to transcend the personal but that is who I am and that is how I write.

One even pointed out that I have never written about the plight of Hindu girls like Rinkle Kumari and chose to write about Jyoti Singh Pandey.

Another likened me to Ajmal Kasab and said some choice words about Pakistanis butting in their noses where they are not needed.

As for the Indians who believe I should first write about the Rinkle Kumaris of Pakistan, I do feel very strongly about the minority rights and have written about them repeatedly, but Jyoti’s plight moved me like Rinkle’s couldn’t.

Probably because as an urban resident of a big city who has used public transport and faced threats like harassment, insecurity, robbery day in, day out on the streets of Karachi, I empathize more with Jyoti than with Rinkle and feel strongly about it.

We found out that the senior flight attendant had called the ground security staff who detained the harasser from getting off the plane.

A few emails came from sisters from across the border appreciating the support and concern from their neighbours.I want to thank you all for reading it and feel humbled by your responses.While people generally appreciated what I wrote, I got a few emails and tweets (all from Indian men) saying that I should focus on women rights violations in Pakistan and leave India to Indians.Let me also point out that she was very young and probably joined the airline recently and was not sure how to approach the matter.I was quite incensed and wanted to take up the matter but my sister said that we should not intervene and let the flight attendant handle it. A couple of minutes later the man who was harassing the flight attendant started chatting with his family member on the other side of the aisle with their bodies hanging out making it almost impossible for the flight attendant to move without touching them or addressing them to move.

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A few minutes later the senior flight attendant who was at the other end of the plane came up and asked him if he was harassing the junior flight attendant and told him off that he may have bought a ticket but that does not give him license to misbehave with the staff.

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