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Liu Zi Xi or also known as Cee, is a pretty and uprising model and actress from Harbin, Northeast China.Nicknamed as the “Little Fan Bing Bing” and with a passion for performing in front of audience, Liu Zi Xi pursued her studies from a performing arts and dance school in Harbin majoring in folk dance.Copying these materials for anything other than your personal use is a violation of copyright laws.Should you wish to share this article, we recommend that you: (i) link directly to the article at Jayne on your website; or (ii) share this article link via social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. I Also Wanted To Know You More , Your Good At Acting And Some Says That Your Also A Dancer .. I Want To See You At Personal But That Might Be Impossible .. :-) i love anime but i mean wen i saw this one i loved it favorite reality was so funny that my dad kept on saying shut up, my favorite is naoki but i love my favorite joke qwas wen yuki said: ( i love that omelet that u made ,complete with eggshells) i literally cryed I was in shocked after I watched Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo. But still I couldn't realise he was playing there untill I rewatched it in full. I do not know for sure, wether voicing animation, or a kind, is rather honourable in Japan, but I could only wish he once decide on a thing like that. The first thing from him that makes me interested is his English. Many of us aren't really satisfied on the ending at all to be honest.. Keep Calm and LOVE Furukawa Yuki I will always support you moshi moshi yuki, youre my favorite actor in the whole world because youre so handsome,kind hearted,sweet and all the other characters i like in guys! With your Baby face, i thought it's impossible If you're already 27:) Your acting ability is very good, and i'm proud to Be one of you fans: D I hope you'll always healthy, don't take too much risk with your job, If your body teks you to get rest; do it! I hope one day we can meet each other;) Ah, I wish all the best for you and your career I can't wait for your next drama/Movies with your Awesome acting がんばって!!!!! I am over seas and when I ran into this drama I was hooked better than most shows played here in the US Hi Yuki! I really don't know if you can read your fan's messages here, but we want you to know that we are always willing to support and love you. Hi Yukiiii Furukawa I'm your fan from indonesiaaaa When i saw you in itazura na kiss i thought you're 20 years but... I'm bad in English , you making effort to understand Which type it قامباتي يوكي كن *Arabic Language* $: I'm on the other side of the planet I hope to see you someday ♡(': What do you think to visit Saudi Arabia someday ? That includes me of course :) And i am hoping to get the chance to have a picture with you both when that happens. I wish I would be as cool as you are and intelligent too! We will be glad to see you here and you'll surely receive a warm welcome from us! I hope that you will see my coment and I want to the visit here south korea... Well, I Wanted To Watch Your Movies 'Cause I Want To See You Acting Shy .. I Wanted To Watch Again Some Of Your Movies But I Want That Kotoko Will Still Be Your Partner .. TO my astonishment, he was acting in Eternal Zero, one of the movies on my top. I would probably sell my soul for them to make one. (Just kidding) Anyway please, just please make one..? I wonder when I could meet you but huhuhuhu im still 18 and i need to study and and and you're probably old when i get to meet you but idc huhuhu i love you. With his acting skills and fluency in english, he can definitely portray the roles of the following manga characters: 1. *-* alll i can say is be a good actor and i hope you will see your true love. I'll watch all of your Drama and Movies, I don't know why, but I just want to watch a Japanese Drama If you play a role in it. Same with the other, I thought you are 20 years-old. I'm waiting for your new work ^-^ Yuki I must say I loved your performance in the drama Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo and Mischievous kiss. I wanna watch his other series too to see his other sides in acting. xo Yuki Furukawa in “Mysterious Summer” I could not find it . Incidentally I was horrified when I saw you dressed girls and working strange movements x D I said to myself, Is this really Naoki Irie ? You are very beautiful in Drama itazura na kiss love in tokyo *^* I love the personal kotoko and naoki , You and kotoko beautiful with some , kotoko kawaii (≧∇≦). now Im learning Japanese by myself Kon'nichiwa Yuki Furukawa! You, your dramas, your movies, the way you act, the way you talk and all about You :) I hope you and Miki Honoka would have the chance to visit all of your fans here at Philippines. I know that your busy because of your schedule but i really wish that your able to visit philippines,we're excited to see you soon. I'm watching your show here in the Philippines and you're quite awesome and cool! Let me rephrase that, we hope that you'll be visiting the Philippines soon! My wish you is again your career and Miki Honoka im happy for you just your age is 17 year olds you now.... When you come here in the Philippines will you try to convince your management to meet as many fans as possible? On October 10, a screen capture of a pamphlet that consisted of a list of Hunan TV’s television drama line-up for 2013 circulated in the Weibo online community.The pamphlet revealed a list of dramas that will broadcast on Hunan TV’s novel, Geling Yan (严歌苓), will helm the script.

However, various reports indicated that Hunan TV already has a confirmed released date for Jayne You may use the content online and for your non-commercial, personal use only.

pls make more romance drama with this two actors as the main character i would like to see more of them together. I am going to watch your other works too if I can find them. OMG ilove you so much furukawa yuki you're the best couple with honoka miki you're so sweet and ilove youre drama series itzahura na kiss part 1&2 it so fan and romantic comedie drama I'm you're biggest fan I wish you can visit the philippines I hope you will be read this note Thank you ilove you furukawa yuki. I'm your fan from Indonesia, When I saw you at Mischievous kiss 1&2 : Love in Tokyo , i realized that Asian Drama is Good Enough, and that was the first time I watched Japanese Drama, And I got impressed with it! Yuki & Miki I'm fans from Seoul South Korea Mi Yuki Furu Noka Forever..... ) "Love at first sight" like as in the Mischevious Kiss hahaha! I hope I can meet you someday in Tokyo...which is probably not gonna happen :3. 1 fan forever ^_^ one of his tv series i like most is mischievous kiss :) and i like your love team with honoka miki i've already finished your tv series itazura na kiss (mischievous kiss love in tokyo) i'm very happy with the last episode.... XD yeah they're right you should come visit us here in philippines, i really love you're movie with miki itazura na kiss love in tokyo. I would like you to visit here in Philippines with Honoka Miki . Arigatoo wow super cute face very charming boy just like your drama series (Mischievous kiss: Love in Tokyo) very very watching your drama????? Im from Philippines.look very good at that great.of I like when you act.that luck and be happy.. Kon'nichwa , I really loved the movie itazuka na kiss love in tokyo, it's now showing here in the Philippines and even if i know what's the ending , i want to watch it again and again because it's very nice from the beginning, middle and the last ... oww, i hope i can arrive there in Japan sooner and meet you! oww, i hope i can arrive there in Japan sooner and meet you!

Request for more romance drama with the main character furukawa yuki and honoka miki they are the best couple in the world!!! I just saw your show Itazura na Kiss and I was so impressed; I thought you were so cool!!!! I never scene actually miki honoka and yuki furukawa is my favorite actor bc miki honoka played a role as kotoko and act like her real wife in the drama so I decide that you yuki furukawa and miki honoka is a perfect match in real life. bu the way your cute together with miki, Konnichiwa Yuki Furukawa ! I watch everyday (Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo) I live here in Philippines , May I have a request ? Your so hansamu and kawaii I hope my wish will come true . when I was a child I really like Korea my little sister always say to me "why I love Korea" and I always said to myself because Korean girls are so cute and they don't have a scars that's why..I love Korean girls...... I really like Itazura Na Kiss and..and Miki Honoka are best match .... I really really like your drama ..itazura kiss:love in Tokyo.. Arigato for the great movies, Drama series you' ve make I really like it and the most I like is with Kotoko Miki Honoko and you Naoki Irie youre Mischievous Kiss Love in Tokyo all so known as Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo in youtube I wiss Ill see you around here In the Philippines because is the place were I lived.... I hope you and MIki Honoka visit here in the Philippines . anyways i really like your personality, you're awesome and i like your eyes *w* you're like the human version of Himoru Tatsuya and aside from it you're a japanese like him! anyways i really like your personality, you're awesome and i like your eyes *w* you're like the human version of Himoru Tatsuya and aside from it you're a japanese like him! Actually , i already finished watching the 16 episodes of MISCHIEVOUS KISS LOVE IN TOKYO and its sooooo beautiful ! yuki and honoka are a great couple and i wonder if they are dating in real life .

Unlike previous adaptations, , are excited to hear that it will be receiving the sequel treatment.

The sequel will take place in modern times, and original cast members, Nicky Wu (吳奇隆), Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), and Cecilia Liu (刘诗诗), are expected to return.

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Ever since, this sexy model has appeared in TV variety shows, advertisements and movies.

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