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However, the simplest way to enable dragging from a widget is to reimplement the widget's mouse Press Event() and start a drag and drop operation: Although the user may take some time to complete the dragging operation, as far as the application is concerned the exec() function is a blocking function that returns with one of several values.These indicate how the operation ended, and are described in more detail below.This website is an attempt to connect people that otherwise would probably never, ever meet.We think that the more people that are on this site, the better it'll get.In the simplest case, the target of a drag and drop action receives a copy of the data being dragged, and the source decides whether to delete the original.This is described by the , the source is responsible for deleting any original data if it chooses to do so.The following code shows how drag Enter Event() can be reimplemented to tell the drag and drop system that we can only handle plain text: The drop Event() is used to unpack dropped data and handle it in way that is suitable for your application.In the following code, the text supplied in the event is passed to a QText Browser and a QCombo Box is filled with the list of MIME types that are used to describe the data: In this case, we accept the proposed action without checking what it is.

Oh, and once in a while, you might get a call from a stranger from somewhere on the planet.Don't worry, you're in control, you decide wether you want to talk to that person or not.But we encourage you to answer or make a call,it might be quite fun!These classes deal with drag and drop and the necessary mime type encoding and decoding.These quantities provide sensible default values for you to use if you provide drag and drop support in your widgets.

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