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Twice have the Boltons rebelled against the Starks, and twice have they been forced to bend the knee.

The Lord of the Dreadfort, Roose Bolton decides a different tactic to strengthen his house under the Warden of the North.

For what kind of twisted humour would force Severus Snape to relive his greatest regret?

To return him to the point in his life when the only person that ever mattered in his life had already turned away.

Time is a fickle thing; it holds power over each and every one of us.

So often do we wish we had the opportunity to relive the past and correct mistakes we've made, to ease our regrets about the choices we didn't make.

Harry was never the only person with a penchant for tripping into the most absurd of situations. But some souls will not be broken by horrible circumstance. Strong men rise from such beginnings, and powerful gifts can be gained in terrible curses. Harry)The Houses of Bolton and Stark share a bloody history.

The other three paid one last visit to the Great Tomb of Nazarick before going their own way, leaving Momonga alone. Having been treated as a servant his entire life, Harry is more sympathetic when Dobby arrives, avoiding Vernon's wrath and gaining a bit of freedom.

But what if those three stuck around until the end? That freedom changes his summer, his life, and the world forever.

It's a miracle I even managed to even publish chapters or stories in 2013.

I won't ask for forgiveness or leniency, but I hope you understand the situation I'm in.

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I think the reason I have an easier time writing about Hermione is because of her intelligence and emotional maturity.

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