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Date( my Time() ); // Notice the "" (not "util") in package name.

But rather than use the old Prepared Statement pstmt = connection.prepare Statement( "INSERT INTO USERS ( USER_ID, FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME, SEX, DATE ) " " VALUES (?

Also you should think about synchronization: you want one method that runs on the Swing EDT to fill your data structure, but some other method on another thread to send those to the DB.

And somehow you must make sure the data is synchronized between the two threads.

String( 4, my Sex() ); Object( 5, local Date ) ; // Pass object directly, without any need for *. It will look like an instant messenger, which it also is, but to enter our chat room click the middle icon on the messenger box.All the users available for chat are listed in the instant message box. Martin Fowler explains it brilliantly in his book PEAA as Domain Logic Patterns: Catalog while some systems may find helpful to use Transaction Script ( pretty much what z Sysop is using ) for other it may be too hard or even impossible to maintain it and use "Domain Model" instead. Prepared Statement pstmt = connection.prepare Statement( "INSERT INTO USERS ( USER_ID, FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME, SEX, DATE ) " " values (? Also, users of Java 8 and later should read [my own Answer] as an addendum to this Answer (making use of new package). "); sb.append(")"); Connection conn = ...;// you'll have to get this connection somehow Prepared Statement stmt = conn.prepare Statement(String()); String(1, user Id); String(2, my User. @Jack Leow: That's not anti OO, It may just have a different level of OO abstraction. Simple Date Format format = new Simple Date Format( "MM/dd/yyyy" ); // United States style of format. Date my Date = format.parse( "10/10/2009" ); // Notice the "" of package name. Here is one quick example line, but search Stack Overflow for I did some significant editing of this Answer, such as replacing deprecated code.

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