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The bookshelves were custom designed by Assouline.“I wanted to make sure that the office had incredible energy and light at all times—a happy, kind, and welcoming environment,” says Wolfe, whose office bookshelves were designed by Assouline.“My vision was to create a space that would make everyone feel happy and inspired.” To that end, positive messages such as “You’re a queen bee” and “Bee-ing kind is the most beautiful quality” dot the communal areas with an aim to boost morale and spread the positive mission.In 2014, she left her position at the dating app Tinder, after filing a complaint with the California courts claiming that she was sexually harassed and discriminated against at work, stripped of her cofounder title, and pushed out of the company.The suit (which was eventually settled outside of court), and Wolfe, helped spur an important national conversation about the treatment of women in tech.“Networking online has become a place where abuse is all too common.

As for the space, it’s really all about reflecting the themes of our brand: kindness, self-respect, fun, and a celebration of female empowerment.” all about female empowerment, when it came time to build the first custom office space for her rapidly growing team, Wolfe chose women to design the interior.

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Bumble's new headquarters in Austin, Texas, are a far cry from the typically sparse tech company offices found in Silicon Valley.

In the beauty room, “the bright floral wallpaper sets the upbeat mood that is felt throughout the Bumble offices: unabashedly female and a little outrageous,” says Evans.

Evans's team—comprised of Erica Henderson as lead designer and Caitlyn Dennig as assistant designer—was extremely hands-on from January until the soft-launch opening party on August 21.

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” Many of the honeycomb-shaped items were custom made, like the lounge chandelier, ottomans, tufted sectionals, LED mirrors, pillows, bar shelving, wallpaper, and even a hexagon-shaped hide rug.

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