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The current production versions are 3.8.11, 4.2.5, and 5.3.1.

v Bulletin 2 is no longer under active development.

Flying is quicker in the morning, but each airline (I think there were two options) basically has one aeroplane that shuttles back and forth during the day, so delays of close to 2 hours (on a 40 minute flight) can build up by early evening.

Feel free to say hello but please read the rules and be courteous to everyone.

Kier Darby was brought on during the v Bulletin 2.0 Beta phase to further development.

Rewriting the entirety of the product, v Bulletin 2 commenced development.

DC has a grid, but then it interrupts it with circles and diagonals, just enough to confuse you.

This dumb message (and those ads) will appear on every screen until you register!

In December 2002, v Bulletin 3 was beginning development.

The Gold release of v Bulletin 3.6.0 New features in 3.7 included an inline spam management & prevention system, thread tagging and tag cloud, thread prefixes, reciprocal friendship between users, public visitor messaging on user profile pages, user picture albums, user-created social groups, user-customizable profile pages, a lightbox viewer for images attached to posts, post edit history, a notices system, multiple human verification systems, and social bookmarking integration.

In 2005, v Bulletin 3.5 was released that addressed some of the shortcomings of 3.0 (discussed later on).v Bulletin 3.6 was released as a stable version on 3 August 2006.

The release of v Bulletin 2 proved to be very successful and is what made v Bulletin popular.v Bulletin 3 was under development for nearly two years as it went from a mere improvement on v Bulletin 2 to a complete rewrite.

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v Bulletin'in diğer forum sistemlerinden farkı, diğer sistemlerden daha profesyonel olmasına rağmen kullanımının daha basit olmasıdır.

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