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Possibility 6: Pan is an alien from planet cuck where no one has a goth gamer girl gf.So, tired of this prevential life Pan left on a voyage to earth to finally get laid.Possibility 7: Pan was the biological child of Steely Dan from part 3 of Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure, but since he got fucking evicerated by Jotaro Kujo in 1988 he was instead raised by his father, Rover from Animal Crossing (aka): Pan's Dad.Since Pan's Dad is infertile he had his wife be pregnated with some old sperm sample which belonged to Steely Dan.

As of now, Pan has died five times since he began his channel.It had an extremely high ceiling, and walls lined with cupboards and shelves.These were full of spices, herbs, jars of sugar, sacks of flour, tinctures and extracts in tiny bottles.Possibility 4: Pan is a parallel universe version of Dib.He was banished to our would when he annoyed an interdimensional demon girl.

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