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“Of course, this has been very good news for the women.It has given them some peace of mind,” Mostafa Mohamed, a lawyer for the Nazra for Feminist Studies group, told the website.

The law defines a harasser as anyone who "accosts others in a public or private place through following or stalking them, using gestures or words or through modern means of communication or in any other means through actions that carry sexual or pornographic hints." It sets a minimum six-month jail term for the crime, with higher sentences of one year for those who chase victims, and three to five years if the offender holds a position of power over the person, such as a work supervisor.More surprising yet, 5orm reached out to Conor Sheils to explain the page's purpose and the city's sexual revolution...Early this week, we wrote an article exposing the mysterious Humans of Egypt sex photo blog which attrated a mixture of praise, shock and downright outrage.Seven men were arrested in connection with the incident, part of a group of 13 who were referred to trial under unusually speedy procedures.“I can only hope the prosecution has exerted enough effort to hold the right people accountable, not just some kids for propaganda reasons to show that they are focusing on cases of violence against women,” Mariam Kirollos, a women’s rights advocate and organizer for Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment, told Mada Masr.

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