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I picked her up at the train station and filmed her on the way home on the bus.

She kept rubbing her sweet, tight pussy on the bus while I took video of it.

Our conversation went on for a couple of hours and it got pretty suggestive. Then he said that it was natural and maybe dad wanted to fuck me or wanted to fuck my sister or wanted me to do it with mom. He said that maybe thats why Amber acts the way she does and why dad treats us like he does. I looked at the picture of mom and dad as I turned off the light.

Then he asked a bunch of questions about my experience with sex then finally asked if I was doing it with my dad. I started to think about that and I noticed that I was getting hot and the little top and panties I had on seemed like too much. My room has bad circulation and the a/c vent is blocked by a bunch of stuffed animals, so I felt like I really wanted to sleep naked that night. She was going to spend the night at Marias house and go to the beach in the morning. Dad was standing slightly behind mom and had kind of an evil grin in the picture and his arm was around moms waist, the hand resting just an inch or two from the little sliver of fabric that barely covered her pussy.

Shes always parading around in short skirts flashing her buns and more at dad. Shes a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company and makes a lot of money.

At night she usually walks around in a t-shirt that barely covers her pussy and sometimes it doesnt cover that either. He even bought her a tiny thong bikini, and I do mean tiny, to use in the backyard. Dad has a racy nude picture of mom as a screensaver on his computer at home and one of her in that skimpy thong on the computer in his office at work. I do like short shorts, but not the ones like mom and Amber wear where the bare lips of your puss show when you sit down.

So there she is, making sure nobody else can see her while she masturbates on the crowded bus, rubbing that sexy wet muff in front of my camera lenses.

Yes, my girlfriend loves to tease me playing with her pussy and ass and I like to watch my girlfriend masturbate in front of me.

I like to see how she pleases herself, it looks hot and makes me horny!

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