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She tells our 3yo daughter that I am "mental" quote-unquote.

She tells me that I've survived for 40-odd years so "just deal with" even though work is suffering and I'm the only money maker as she works at taking care of the home and our child.

If it is obvious that she is suffering from a mental illness and is a harm to herself or others, she could be involuntarily committed to the hospital. It's true I had to hit a bottom before I would accept help. I had to be in the hospital 3 times before I would accept that I had bipolar disorder. NAMI(national alliance on mental illness) and DBSA (depression bipolar support alliance). Check his website: Also check out NAMI's website and look at resources for families.

When I was committed, although I was angry and afraid and ashamed, it provided me a place to get stable and probably saved my life. They might be able to help in your immediate crisis as well as providing some more long term ideas for support. Make an appointment with her doctor to discuss what can be done.

No matter how much you love someone, it cannot save them. Prior to her leaving we were great better then we were for 4 years due to some couples council Ling, her Celexa medication and her domestic violance course she took.

It bears repeating: your love, acceptance and patience are more effective than you will ever realize. She is putting this new guy before her kids and is in full denial of her mental illness. Hi Corey, This must be an incredibly difficult time and heart wrenching time.He also believes that I am involved with the mob/mafia, drug cartels, CIA, and in charge of the Free Masons. My Dr wants me to start seeing a psychiatrist beyond my original diagnosis to work on my other "issues!"; but when I came home and told my wife she blew up at me.She is threatening me with taking me to court and take my family away. Then see if you can engage her in some problem solving - this way it's not about saying she has a mental illness, but the solutions might be indirect ways to address mental health issues she having and ways for her to reach out for help or take actions that improve her life that doesn't feel like she's admitting she has a problem.She accused her husband of abusing her, which is absolutely not true. I have my own values and morals that I hold high and would never stray from. This post might also help you: https:// It talks about a phenomenon called anagnosia (lack of insight) and what to do about it.

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The psychologists advised to let her fall and touch ground, but she hasn't reacted. Towards the end of our relationship I tried to talk to his mom about his illness which of course she blamed on me. Four resources and tools: DBSA - Depression Bipolar Support Alliance ( has excellent on-line resources and community chat rooms Check with your local branch of the CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association) and the Mood Disorders Association of Canada for supports groups they have for family members.

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