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In the context of this movie the ninjas are cast as the ‘bad guys’.The reviews describe some impressive ‘elemental’ weapons.§ 1070 Zustellung nach dem Abkommen zwischen der Europäischen Gemeinschaft und dem Königreich Dänemark vom 19.Oktober 2005 über die Zustellung gerichtlicher und außergerichtlicher Schriftstücke in Zivil- oder Handelssachen Anhang EV Auszug aus Einig Vtr Anlage I Kapitel III Sachgebiet A Abschnitte III und IV (BGBl.In this latest western reinvention of the ninja the elements are central to the story – fire, ice, earth(quakes), lightning, water, and green energy.Admittedly these are not the traditional five elements found in Japan, either the Chinese or Buddhist versions. Even so the ninja use the elements as weapons to fight the bad guys and in the 2017 movie there is talk of elemental powers, inner peace and the right path.

My sister Ruth has accompanied me on this Ninja go! She was with me when I found the Official Ninjago Guide, we saw the 2017 movie together and she gave me the DVD of the 2011 movie that introduced the Lego ninja (top left on the earlier photo). We both related to Kai’s sister Nya in the ‘ directed by Chang Cheh.I learnt that from the Official Guide to Ninjago shown above in the bottom left hand corner.This was discovered in a second hand shop in Melbourne, otherwise I may still have been blissfully ignorant about this very popular ninja juggernaut..II 1990, 889, 927, 940) Abschnitt III - Maßgaben für das beigetretene Gebiet (Art.Ninja are immediately recognisable in the west, their imagery and behaviour in most cases only loosely based on the original Japanese qualities.

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Comparing the different representations of the ninja (west and east, modern and traditional), the ninjutsu they practice, and their relation to the elements has been intriguing – and complicated. Based on what I’ve seen of the movie, and my research on the internet, it appears that elements are not explicitly referenced in the context of the ninja.

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