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It was easy for me to read because he didn't use flashy big words, which I found in some books and honestly I don't care what words you learned in college, if I can't read 'em I'm puttin' your book down! We can leave that in God's hands; right now, in our single years, we're to put our all into serving Him, when we can have undivided interests. I personally believe that you should wait until you're ready to be married to start dating.He was down to earth and honest, even about the awkward stuff, which is admirable to me. I still have no desire to date, and I hope God honors that because I don't want my future husband's first impression of me to be that I spend a lot of time in the bathroom and sweat a lot! But even if you think you won't agree, please read this book.About book: While the book is well-written and the ideas are well-expressed and thought out, Harris' theories just don't play well in a complex world filled with people.There is no set of rules or philosophies that one can apply to Christian premarital romance (nor any kind of romance, nor any kind of relationship, for that matter), and I believe that, unfortunately, Harris' ideas are a contribution to a philosophy that has caused much pain and cynicism in young single Christian circles (I can say this from experience).

That's what the Church is, anyway: a complex body of relationships, not a bookshelf of philosophies.

It seemed odd that the premise of the book is "dating is stupid; but don't quit dating just b/c it's stupid, quit b/c there's something better out there called 'courtship'." Well first of all, to me, if I want to quit doing something b/c it's stupid, that's a good enough reason to quit! I read this book when I was a broken-hearted nineteen-year-old.

And secondly, I still don't see even one small remote difference in "dating" versus "courtship". At the time the idea of kissing dating goodbye and doing it in the name of God seemed like a grand idea.

So we are forced into the exact same context mentioned above, hanging out with the girl we like, allowing her to get to know us in a nonromantic context so that she can determine whether she could marry us (again, you can't determine how romantically compatible you are with someone in a nonromantic context).

So as the two hang out more and more, and the girl still comes no closer to determining marriageability, emotions and sexual tension are still on the rise, and the same consequence mentioned above takes place.

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